Supply Chain Dynamics

Supply Chain Dynamics - 9789400225534Supply chain dynamics is the ultimate textbook on a systemic approach to supply chain issues.

The book is at the same time highly practical and with a strong academic base. Practical, because grounded in nine real-world case studies of leading European companies in innovation-driven industries such as semiconductors, aerospace and telecom. Academically grounded, as almost all these case studies are based on interventionist research projects from the author, in which he operated as an engaged scholar and action researcher.

Most of the topics covered in this book have been published in leading academic journal such as:

  • Journal of Operations Management;
  • Journal of Supply Chain Management;
  • the Academy of Management Journal.

The book itself is just part of a broader, and freely available, package of blended learning: hundreds of Youtube videos which explain every aspect of the course and a dozen system dynamics simulation models which help to appreciate the dynamic complexities of the content matter covered.

The book covers established SCM topics such as business cycles, ERP implementations, Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP), IT outsourcing, new product development, production ramp-ups and supply chain disruptions, but from a new, dynamic and systemic perspective.

The author, Henk Akkermans

He is a full professor of Supply Chain Management at the Tilburg School or Economics and Management.

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Supply Chain Dynamics

Mastering Disruptive Change in Innovation-Driven Industries

ISBN: 9789400225534
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